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sugar dosage = 8 g / L  (brut)

The term Cuvée signifies the first juice that comeout of the press (and therefore the best).
This champagne is made from grapes from one vineyard in Avise, where the vine is aged 65 years: “the Clos du Grand Père”.

The Cuvée has a light golden colour with subtle green glints and the bubbles are fine and light.

The nose provides a bouquet of aromas, which have developed over the course of 5 years in our cellars.

It has the discrete scent of white flowers, a hint of litchis and dried fruit typical of the best Chardonnays.

In the mouth, the wine shows a good maturity, expressed in hints of roast hazelnut and Danish pastries with a pronounced mineral finish.

A cuvée for connoisseurs, to be drunk as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to foie gras.




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R.PARKER Wine Advocate

November 2012





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